Savonnières Biennale

Since 1992, Savonnières offers to the art amateurs one of the biggest painting and sculpture exhibitions of the region.  Every two years at the beginning of May, a hundred of artists reunite to show their eclectic art techniques at the « Serres de la Tuilerie ». It is a place where the two guests of honour, the members of the jury and the artists can meet with art students and the public. Every style is represented from the abstract, surrealistic or impressionist paintings to the still life or the most realistic academic landscapes.

The 2016 prizes:

  • Prize of the town of Savonnières (painting): François Pagé
  • Prize of the town of Savonnières (sculpture): Azaline Tolmbaye
  • Prize of the Biennal Show: Yves Doucin
  • Special Prize of the Jury: Darkhues
  • Originality Prize: Dominique Savignard
  • Jury’s favourite Prize: Sabine Lechable
  • The Encouragement Prize: Dominique Le Guilloux
  • Prize of the « Serres de la Tuilerie »: Alain Durand
  • Public Prize (painting): Flore Betty
  • Public Prize (sculpture): Yves Szywala


Photo gallery:

The next Biennale will take place from the 12th to the 20th of May 2018.